Diagnosis for mental health disorders

What are the 4 D's for defining a mental health disorder?
Dysfunction, deviance, danger and distress
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What is Dysfunction?
where it interferes with your life e.g. socially (relationships)
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What is deviance?
it can be statistical- 2 standard deviations away from the norm, anything infrequent/rare. Or from social norm- causes observe discomfort, not fitting in with norms/values of society
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what is danger?
you're a danger to yourself and others
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what is distress?
related to dysfunction, causing upset to you e.g. PTSD
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What is the DSM IV?
diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health disorders. based on a multi axial system (5)
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what is in axis 1?
clinical disorders- essential features that define the disorder
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What is in axis 2?
personality disorder/mental retardation- Long term patterns of impaired function may affect treatment
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what is in axis 3
general medical conditions- anything that could affect diagnosis/treatment
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axis 4?
psychosexual/environment- stressful events in past 12 months. rating 1-7 (7= catastrophic)
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axis 5?
global assessment of functioning- provide overall measure of past 12 months
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What is the ICD-10?
it is concerned with all diseases- contains a section F that is specific for MH disorders
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how are mental health disorders categorised?
coded with F and then followed by a digit to show which family of MH disorder. the next digit that follows a decimal point for the type. further digits are followed to represent the symptoms
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What is Dysfunction?


where it interferes with your life e.g. socially (relationships)

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What is deviance?


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what is danger?


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what is distress?


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