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takes the shortest distance
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Sound and Light Wavelength
sound has a longer wavelength
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Wavelengths and Diffraction Significance
longer wavelengths are more significant in diffraction
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Evidence for wave nature
diffraction of light passing through a narrow aperture
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Voltmeters and Resistance
they have a resistance
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Voltage and Resistors
they share the voltage in proportion to their resistance
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If resistance was to increase in a potential divider
then the voltage would increase
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Increasing the Current
-increase in temperature -increase in KE vibrations -increase in resistance -decrease in rate of current
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Current across resistors
it is the same across all resistors
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Removing a resistor in parallel
increases the overall resistance of the section
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How does stretching a wire affect the resistance?
-increase in length increases resistance -decreasing area increases resistance -R=pl/A
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Area equation
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Proving l proportionality
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Why zigzag a wire in a gauge?
-longer wire fits in a smaller space -small change in length and still a large change in resistance
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Velocity of a Wave Equation
v= F
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Period Equation
T= 1/F
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Frequency of a Wave Equation
F= number of waves/time
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Constructive Superposition
-if the path difference is n -two waves arriving in phase in the same place at the same time and so combine to reinforce each other -n2 radians out of phase
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Destructive Superposition
-if path difference is n1/2 -two waves that are out f phase and arrive in the same place at different times -not n2 radians in phase
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-of the same frequency or wavelength with a constant phase relationship -if the path difference is n
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the leading edge of a single pulse
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an oscillation that lasts for one period
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the time it takes for the system to complete one cycle/operation
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the sequence of events that form one 'unit' of periodic motion
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Frequency the number of cycles executed per unit time
the number of cycles executed per unit time
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Sound and Light Wavelength


sound has a longer wavelength

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Wavelengths and Diffraction Significance


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Evidence for wave nature


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Voltmeters and Resistance


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