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2. Bushnell 2002 said..

  • created the strange situation
  • babies can recognise faces and their mother
  • babies can' recognise their mother
  • created the theory of mind

3. How many units does a mother have to drink to produce fetal alchol syndrome?

  • 1 unit
  • 3-4 units
  • 5-6 units
  • 6 or more units

4. The stages of walking are called..

  • developmental systems
  • gross motor development
  • determination development
  • maternal deprivation

5. What are the three stages of developmental systems?

  • genetic, epigenetic and determinism
  • polegenetic, epigenetic and bahavouir
  • genetic, epigenetic and behavouir
  • genetic, phenotype and behavouir


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