Developmental Biology

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1. Which statement is correct?

  • Only intrinsic factors affect development
  • Most cells develop autonomously
  • Most development is regulative
  • Most cells have their fate determined early
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2. Which is correct?

  • Myotome forms blood
  • Myotome forms cardiac muscle
  • Sclerotome forms vertebrae and ribs
  • Sclerotome forms nervous tissue

3. What is the name for cells that are determined early and develop on their own?

  • Mosaic
  • Intrinsic
  • Regulative
  • Autonomous

4. What happens to animal cells when an animal cap is transplanted onto vegetal cells?

  • Develop into muscle
  • Develop into epidermis
  • Develop into neural cells
  • Die

5. What is not a step in muscle development?

  • Formation of a syncytial cell
  • Expression of myoblastic protein
  • Upregulation of MyoD
  • Arrangement of proteins into fibres


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