Developmental Biology

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1. What is not true about Bicoid?

  • It activates Hunchback gene
  • It is responsible for development of head structures
  • Bicoid mutants show no posterior structures
  • It is a transcription factor
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2. Which statement is incorrect?

  • Animal cap cells are fated to become neural
  • Animal cap cells develop differently depending on whether they are placed onto dorsal or ventral cells
  • Animal cap cells combined with dorsal vegetal cells develop into blood
  • Often more cells are competent to respond to a signal than actually do

3. Which is not true about MyoD?

  • Is not involved in muscle contraction
  • Part of the helix-loop-helix family
  • Expressed in all cells
  • Maintains a positive feedback loop

4. What is not a step in muscle development?

  • Arrangement of proteins into fibres
  • Upregulation of MyoD
  • Expression of myoblastic protein
  • Formation of a syncytial cell

5. Which statement is correct?

  • Most cells have their fate determined early
  • Only intrinsic factors affect development
  • Most development is regulative
  • Most cells develop autonomously


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