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2. Which experiment is an example of induction?

  • Amphibian organiser
  • Roux's studies into mosaic development
  • Driesch's separating of early cells
  • Transgenic animals

3. Which is not a part of the somite?

  • Sclerotome
  • Mesotome
  • Myotome
  • Dermatome

4. What happens to animal cells when an animal cap is transplanted onto vegetal cells?

  • Develop into neural cells
  • Die
  • Develop into muscle
  • Develop into epidermis

5. What is not true about Bicoid?

  • It is responsible for development of head structures
  • It is a transcription factor
  • Bicoid mutants show no posterior structures
  • It activates Hunchback gene


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