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2. Which statement is correct?

  • One transcription factor can activate and/or repress more than one gene
  • Transcription can only be regulated by intrinsic factors
  • Most genes are initially active
  • The transcription initiation complex forms when DNA polymerase binds to a promotor region

3. Which is not a part of the somite?

  • Sclerotome
  • Dermatome
  • Mesotome
  • Myotome

4. Which is correct?

  • Myotome forms blood
  • Sclerotome forms vertebrae and ribs
  • Sclerotome forms nervous tissue
  • Myotome forms cardiac muscle

5. What is the correct order of zygotic gene activation?

  • selector genes - gap genes - pair rule genes - segmentation genes
  • Gap genes - pair rule genes - segmentation genes - selector genes
  • Pair rule genes - selector genes - segmentation genes - gap genes
  • Segmentatio genes - selector genes - pair rule genes - gap genes


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