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2. Name a difference between North and South Ghana

  • The south grows cocoa
  • The north has unreliable rainfall and the south has long wet seasons
  • The north doesn't grow crops
  • The south is urban

3. What is biliteral aid?

  • assistance given by a governmentdirectly tothe government of another country
  • assistance provided by governments tointernational organisations
  • any non-profit, volountary citerzins group which is organised on a local national or internationl level.
  • action aid

4. What is the brandt line?

  • The north-south divide that exists between the wealthy developed countries, known as the noth, and the poorer developing countries, known as the south
  • the tropic of cancer
  • a line dividing all the continents
  • the equator

5. What is GNI?

  • A country
  • The amount of goods and services ina country during a given period of time
  • The amount of childrenwho die before the age of 1
  • The amount of children born per year


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