Development of the Second Red Scare - Internal Factors

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1. Who were targeted by the Federal Loyalty Bonds?

  • Doctors and journalists
  • Teachers, homosexuals, jazz singers and civil rights supporters
  • Artisits, movie makers, aritistic style jobs
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2. Who were the Hollywood 10?

  • People who refused to be interregated by HUAC and were subsequently arrested
  • 10 people who were found to be communist from the list by friendly witnesses
  • 10 of the top hollywood stars at the time

3. What did the Canadian Spy Ring do?

  • Passed US info to the USSR
  • Passed USSR info to the US

4. What did the McCarren Internation Security Act (1950) do?

  • Communists can be riduclued and humiliated
  • It can take communists passports away and deport international communists
  • Communists can be sentecned to death

5. How many were forced to resign and fierd?

  • 5000 and 500
  • 3000 and 300
  • 4000 and 400


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