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2. name a characteristic of someone who has apd

  • careless about peoples safety
  • doesnt like people that wear pink clothes
  • never smiles
  • doesnt like meat

3. what does temperament mean

  • its the genetic part of our personality
  • its the biological part of our personality
  • it means we are angry
  • that someone has a bad temper

4. who studied type theory of personality and what was the method

  • twins were studied and were tested about their activity and scores were compared
  • Eysenck - each solider completed a questionnaire , eysenck analysed the results using a technique called factor analysis
  • 225 twins , predicted with a disorder were interviewed.

5. what is meant by extroverion

  • someone that hurts people
  • a personality that describes people who look at the outside world for entertainment
  • someone that prefers their own company


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