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2. Which theory explains that language is acquired through imitation and reinforcement?

  • Social Interactionist
  • Behaviourist
  • Nativist
  • Cognitive

3. What are the key features of the sensorimotor stage?

  • Child experiences world through senses. Lexical choices are concrete
  • Children can begin to think logically
  • Language and motor skills develop. Language is egocentric
  • Child experiences world through language

4. Which is the earliest stage of development?

  • Telegraphic
  • Holophrastic
  • Two-word
  • Post-telegraphic

5. What is overextension?

  • The word's meaning is stretched
  • The word's meaning is applied to completely different things
  • The word's meaning is reduced
  • The word's meaning is used correctly


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