Design Argument

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What is an a posteriori?
An argument based on the evidence of our observation of the world.
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What does inductive mean?
The conclusion reached may or may not be true.
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What does synthetic mean?
You have to investiget beofre you conclude.
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What is Thomas Auinas' view on the design argument?
there is beneficial order in the universe. The beneficial order could not happen by chance, Objects dont have intelligenxe to work to an end or purpose. Must be directed by something that does have intelligence. God exists.
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What is Kants view on the design argument, and why does he think that it is good?
Its an a posteriori one. Its based on empiricle nature of the universe. Actions of the universe and inhabitants cannot be explained by the universe itself.
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What is Paley machine annalogy?
The world is like a machine made up of lesser machines. It works in a methodical and constant way towards a particular end or goal. This is proof of an intelligent design.
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What is Paleys view if we found a stone on the floor compared to if we found a watch on the floor?
The stone could have always been there because there is nothing significan about it. We wouldnt think that about the watch because it has a purpose, works in a specific way. Has regularity and order meaning that it must have been designed.
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What are Swinburnes seven features?
1. The existance of the universe. 2. The existance of order within the universe. 3. Consciousness. 4. Human oppertunities to be morally good. 5. The pattern of History. 6. Miracles. 7. Religious experience.
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What is the Aesthetic principle?
The beauty in the world is proof of intelligent design. We do not need beauty to survive but it is still here.
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What is the Anthropic principle?
The world that we live in has been perfectly adapted to be able to sustain human life.
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What is Anthropomorphism?
Giving human characteristics to concepts, objects or other animals. If we anthropomorphise God, we are limiting his power and what he can do to what humans can do.
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Why does hume criticise the design argument?
Paleys watch analogy was unsound We have certain knowledge of a watch but we do not have certain knowlege of the universe. The universe is unique and cannot be compared to anything else.
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What has Charles Darwin said?
Life has developed in evolutionary steps. Living things chance and adapt to fit in with the environment. The environment was not made by God for living things. There is too much suffering in the natural world fot it to have been made by a loving God
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What sis Richard Dawkins say?
The universe has evolved as a series of chances (agrees with Darwin). The design does not show its purpose. "We are so grotesquly lucky to be here"
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What does the problem of Evil and Suffering say about the design argument?
That either God is not omnipotent, God is not omnibenevolent, or God doesnt exist at all. Too much evil and suffering happens every day for a all powerful, all loving God to exist.
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What does inductive mean?


The conclusion reached may or may not be true.

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What does synthetic mean?


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What is Thomas Auinas' view on the design argument?


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What is Kants view on the design argument, and why does he think that it is good?


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