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2. what is an ephermeral river

  • they flow seasonally after rainstorms
  • have a source in the desert and run indefinitely
  • they terminate inland
  • have a source outside the desert margin

3. which method of transport can only hold particles that are 0.25mm or over

  • saltation
  • traction
  • surface creep
  • suspension

4. name two types of weathering that occur in hot deserts

  • salt weathering, niviation
  • salt weathering, chemical weathering
  • niviation, plucking
  • chemical weathering, niviation

5. what are pediments

  • shallow, extremely flat depressions.
  • desert plains -gently sloping areas of rock
  • a gully or ravine that been eroded by seasonal rivers
  • flat desert plains and the mouth of a wadi


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