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2. What percentage of the affection less psychopaths (16) has elongated seperation?

  • 4%
  • 35%
  • 86%
  • 17%

3. What is not one of the three main things in the maternal deprivation hypothesis?

  • Monotropy
  • Cold and Abrupt
  • Occur at a critical pieriod
  • Relationships have to be continuous

4. Hodges and Tizard found?

  • That it only agreed with the MDH
  • Adopted children didn't have close attachments to their parents and good family relations
  • Adopted children had better relationships than restored children
  • Restored children had no effect on their social development

5. Who found evidence for the maternal deprivation hypothesis?

  • Bowlby: Affection less psychopaths
  • Tizard and Hodges : Institution adoptees
  • Curtiss: Genie
  • Koluchova : Czech


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