Deprivation and Privation

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1. What is not an evaluation point of Bowlby's MDH?

  • Bowlby found no ill effects of children under 4 with tuberculosis
  • May be down to individual differences
  • Influential, Now people can visit hospitals at all hoursHodge
  • Causing harm to the participants
  • Association doesn't mean a cause
  • Doesn't distinguish between privation and deprivation
  • Most studies were done in intitutions where children where not just emotionally deprived but physically deprived
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2. What is not a evaluation point of Bowlby's 44 theives?

  • Retrospective data
  • Reductionist
  • Correlation so cause cannot be drawn

3. What is a culture not studied for monotropy?

  • Ganda tribe of Uganda (Ainsworth)
  • America (Simone)
  • Kibutz (Fox)
  • Efe tribe (Tronick et al)

4. What is evidence that privation is reversible?

  • Czech Twins
  • Genie
  • Hodges and Tizard : Adolescents
  • Reactive attachment studies

5. Which of these was the most non-successful isolation case study?

  • Genie - 13 yrs, never recovered couldn't speak nor walk properly
  • Czech twins :7, with rickets, adjusted after hopital placement
  • John : Residential nursery, angry at mother for months afterwards


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