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2. When could maternal rejection not occur?

  • Ainsworth : When the mother is sensitive to their child's needs
  • Flangan : When a mother doesn't want you and gives you up for adoption
  • Jones et al : Middle class women who have an unwanted child and push their guilt into anger

3. What is evidence that privation is reversible?

  • Czech Twins
  • Reactive attachment studies
  • Genie
  • Hodges and Tizard : Adolescents

4. Who found evidence for the maternal deprivation hypothesis?

  • Bowlby: Affection less psychopaths
  • Tizard and Hodges : Institution adoptees
  • Curtiss: Genie
  • Koluchova : Czech

5. What is not one of the three main things in the maternal deprivation hypothesis?

  • Monotropy
  • Cold and Abrupt
  • Occur at a critical pieriod
  • Relationships have to be continuous


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