Deprivation and Privation

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1. What is reactive attachment disorder?

  • When some children experience early attachment disruptions and never recover : Inability to give or receive affectin
  • When some children never form an attachment
  • When children are put up for adoption but are still visited
  • When children only form attachments with their adopted parents
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2. What did Robertson find?

  • That if separation is minimised and substiute emotional care provided, deprivation can be stopped
  • Children will always do badly if separated for any amount of time
  • John accepted his mother happily back after not seeing her for a while

3. Who did Robertson and Robertson study?

  • Genie , 13 years abused and neglected, couldn't speak
  • John, 9 days in a residential nursery, became withdrawn clung to his teddy
  • Hans, afraid of horses because of the Oedipus complex

4. What is not one of the three main things in the maternal deprivation hypothesis?

  • Occur at a critical pieriod
  • Monotropy
  • Cold and Abrupt
  • Relationships have to be continuous

5. What percentage of the affection less psychopaths (16) has elongated seperation?

  • 4%
  • 35%
  • 86%
  • 17%


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