Depression and New Deal

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What is the gold standard, and why did it damage USA?
The exchange rate of a country depending on how much gold is in that country, USA one of the only countries to stay on it - prices of US exports increased
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How many businesses shut down between 1929-33?
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Where did homeless people congregate?
Hoovervilles on the outskirts of cities
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Who were the Bonus Army
War veterans demanding their pensions early - not given - set up Hooverville opposite White House, army killed two of them
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What happened to farmers in 1930
Dust bowl
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What were the limits to the depression
Construction boomed, bingo boomed and so did sales of beer, cinema sales continued to rise
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What did Hoover do to help?
Cut taxes in 1930, pumped $4,000 million into construction, Emergency Relief Act
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What did Smoot-Hawley tariff do?
Raised tariffs to highest level ever?
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Who won the 1932 election?
Franklin D Roosevelt?
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Whose theories did FDR adopt during the 'lame duck months'?
British economist J.M Keynes
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What were his chats on the radio called?
Fireside chats
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How did FDR end banking crisis?
Four day holiday, inspection by government officials, only properly managed ones opened.
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What act stops banks speculating?
The Glass-Steagall Act
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What was AAA?
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (May 1933) - subsidised farmers to produce less
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National Recovery Administration (1933) - Blue eagle if follow codes for fair conditions of work
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Civil works administration (winter of 1933-34) - jobs doing anything, even scaring pidgeons in park
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Public Works Administration (1933) - jobs for skilled workers
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Federal Emergency Relief Act (1933) - gave relief to homeless, $500 million spent on soup kitchens, clothes and employment schemes
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Works Progress Administration (1935) - smaller-scale schemes building, got artists and writers back in work. Most successful. 2 million jobs each year
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Civilian Conservation Corps - 18 to 25 men, sent to camps to plant forests, dig holes, $1 pocket money each day. By 1938, 2 million served
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Tennessee Valley Authority - 21 dams to stop poverty. Jobs constructing them in seven states to imporve quality of life
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Why did Republicans oppose New Deal?
Waste of money, Roosevelt acting like dictator
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Why did Supreme Court oppose it?
Against the constitution
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Why was the AAA declared unconstitutional?
'Oppressive coercion to subsidise farmers only if they decreased production
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Two other opponents
Huey Long and Francis Townsend
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What replaced AAA in 2nd New Deal
Soil Conservation Act
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What replaced NRA? What else is this called?
National Labour Relations Act (Wagner Act)
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What act set up pensions and unemployment benefit?
Social Security Act
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What act was passed in WW2?
Lend-Lease Act
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