Deontology Key Feature Quotes

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Deontological (1)
'Concerned with actions not consequences' (Bowie)
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Deontological (2)
'Stresses duty or obligation' (Vardy and Grosch)
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Duty (1)
'One's duty is to obey the moral law' (Bowie)
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Duty (2)
'Should not be sidetracked by feeling and inclination' (Bowie)
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Objective Moral Law
'Applied universally and unchanging' (Cicero)
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Good Will
'The highest form of good is good will' (Bowie)
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'Requires individual liberty' (Jenkins)
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'Gained ny pure reason not sense experience.' (Bowie)
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Categorical Imperative (1)
'Act only according to that maxim that maxim whereby... it should become a univeral law.' (Kant)
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Categorical Imperative (2)
'Act in a way that you treat humanity... as an end and never merely as a means to an end.' (Kant)
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Cateogrical Imperative (3)
'Every rational being must act as so if he were... always a member in the kingdom of ends.' (Kant)
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Categorical Imperative (4)
'Irrespective of class, race, age and gender.' (Jenkins)
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Deontological (2)


'Stresses duty or obligation' (Vardy and Grosch)

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Duty (1)


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Duty (2)


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Objective Moral Law


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