Democracy and Political Participation AS Edexcel Quiz

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1. Which one of these are not a real referendum that has taken place in the UK? (Can be Scotland, Wales or England only)

  • Should there be an elected Mayor in English cities? 2012
  • Should England become independent?
  • Should the United Kingdom join the American continent?
  • Should the United Kingdom take back the British Empire?
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2. Who create the political philosophy 'Big Society'?

  • David Cameron and other party advisors
  • David Cameron alone
  • Tony Blair
  • Margaret Thatcher

3. What best describes a referendum?

  • Where only the citizens allow the to answer a questions which, no matter what government, must follow the decision that the public decide from the question.
  • Where the government allow the public to answer a question to influence their decision. Some governments are bound to the results where as some are not.
  • Where the citizens or government allow the public to answer a question to determine whether the government should make a decision.

4. Which best describes Representative Democracy?

  • An official representative makes decisions legitimately on behalf of the citizens of the state that elected them.
  • A monarch decides makes decisions on behalf of the people as they are the ones with the highest authority.
  • A prime minister only makes decisions on behalf of people even though they were not elected.

5. Which one of these are functions of democracy?

  • Establishes freedoms and disperses the crowns powers.
  • Controls government and the monarch.
  • Controls government and protects minorities.
  • Protects minorities and allows them to do everything.


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