Democracy and Participation

It is the quality that transforms power into authority.
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"Rule by the people"
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Direct Democracy
The original form of democracy that is linked to ancient Greece. It needs unmediated and continuous participation of citizens.
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Representative Democracy
The most common type of democracy in the modern day. It is electoral democracy.
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A popular vote on an issue of public policy.
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Political Apathy
The absence of public interest or enthusiasm in the political process. This can be reflected in non-voting and low party membership.
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Jury Principle
The idea that a randomly chosen group of people can express the views of the wider public.
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Public Accountablilty
The process through which politicians are forced to answer for their actions to the public or elected representatives. It implies that politicians can be removed.
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Secret ballot
In 1872 the secret ballot was created and this meant that when a vote was caste it would be done in privacy.
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Fixed-term Parliament
A parliamentary term for whose length is fixed meaning that the date of the next general election is pre-determined.
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The right for the public to vote in any public elections.
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Entitlement to act or be treated in a specific way. Legal rights can be asserted but moral rights exist as a result of ethical/philosophical assertions.
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Obligations or duties towards others or the larger society.
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A procedure, usually a petition, though which the public can can call a referendum or force politicians to consider a legislative proposal.
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Focus Group
A small cross section of people who are used to gain a wider insight into the wider public views.
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A written or online document signed by members of the public demanding action of some kind from a government or authority.
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A petition which is signed online, usually through a form on a website.
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Age of Majority
The age at which adulthood begins, in the eyes of the law; reflecting the idea that a person has "majority control" over him or herself.
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"Rule by the people"

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