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Define legitimacy
Have the right to hold and exercise power. Through consent tradition and force
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Define power
Ability to make people do what one wants them to do. Coercive, political and influence
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Define authority
The right to exercise power, Three types, Traditional, charismatic and legal-rational
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Define sovereignty
Legal, political and popular
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What is a state?
Country where a sovereignty can be identified
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What is the state?
Institution within a country that administers
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Define democracy
A government that should serve the interests of the people and be accountable to the people
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Define representative democracy?
People elect individuals to act on their behalf to their political representatives.
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What are the features of representative democracy?
Free elections, Political parties, elective representatives made accountable
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Key features of a pluralist democracy
Form of a democarcy that operates through the capacity of organised groups and interests to articulate popular demands and ensure government responds to them.
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Key features of pluralist democracy
Wide dispersal of power, Groups are internally democratic, The government is neutral
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What is an example of an pluralist democracy?
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Key features of a Liberal democracy
Government accountable to the people, powers of government limited through separation of powers and checks and balances, Free and fair elecions
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Key features of parliamentary democarcy
Parliamentary sovereignty, Government of UK drawn from parliament, Government in cosntantly accountable to parliament, Parliament expected to represent national interests
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Forms of political participation
Petitions, Voting, Joining a pressure group, Joining a political party
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Ways of increasing political participation
Lowering voting age to 16, make voting compulsory
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Define power


Ability to make people do what one wants them to do. Coercive, political and influence

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Define authority


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Define sovereignty


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What is a state?


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