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Deindivuation (le bon)
when an individual transforms to be part of a crows. He claimed that, in a crowd, the combination of anonymity, suggestibility and contagion meaning that a collective mind takes possession of the individual.
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As a result...
the individual loses self control and becomes capable of acting in a way that goes against personal or social norms.
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Nature of Deindiviuation
it is a psychological state characterised by lowered self evaluation and decreased concerns about evaluation of others, leading to an increase in behaviours that normally are inhibited by norms.
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Factors that contribute to deindiviuation ...
anonymity (wearing a uniform) and altered consciousness due to drugs and alcohol. Zimbardo also stressed that these factors can also increase prosocial behaviours i.e. at music festivals.
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Process of deindiviuation
being anonymous and effectively unaccountable in a crowd can diminish awareness of our own identity. The larger the crowd, the greater the anonymity. fear is diminished and guilt reduced.
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Zimbardo (1969)
groups of 4 female undergraduates were required to deliver electric shocks to students to 'and learning'. half wore bulky coats and hid their faces, sat in separate cubicals and not refered to by name.
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Mullen (faceless crowd)
Analysed newspaper cuttings of 60 lynchings in USA between 1899 and 1946. He found more people there were in the mob, the greater the savagery with which they killed the victim.
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Reduced private self-awareness
Dunn claims that it is lowered self awarness that cause deinidivduation not anonymity. If an indivudal is self-focused they tend to focus on and act accordingly to their internalised attitudes and morals,reducing the likelihood of antisocial behaviou
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Important of local group norms Johnson and Downng explored the idea that behaviour produced by a product of local group norms. they used the same experiment as Zimbardo, instead having one group dressed in similar outfits as the KKK and others as nur
P's shocked more than a control group when dressed as KKK but shocked less when dressed as nurses. People respond to normative cues associated with social context in which they find themselves. So KKK were more aggressive than nurses.
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Lack of support (Postmes and Spears)
meta -analysis of 60 studies concluded there is insufficient support for major claims of deindiviuation. P&S found that dishibition and antisocial behaviour are not more common in large groups.
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Gender Difference
Cannavale et al found that male and female groups responded differently under deindividuation conditions. An increase in aggression was found only in all male groups. Thus men may be more prone to dishibition than women.
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As a result...


the individual loses self control and becomes capable of acting in a way that goes against personal or social norms.

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Nature of Deindiviuation


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Factors that contribute to deindiviuation ...


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Process of deindiviuation


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