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eight characteristics of living organisms
Mr Shreng (move, resp, sense, reproduce, excrete, nutrition, growth, respire)
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what is in an animal cell
nucleus, cell mem, cytoplasm
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what is in a plant cell
nucleus, cell mem, cell wall, cytoplasm, vacuole, chloroplasts
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a group of similar cells that work together eg. muscle
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a group of similar tissues that work together eg. heart
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examples of plants
cereals (maize) and herbaceous legumes (peas)
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examples of fungi
yeast (single) and mucor (mycelium body)
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saprotrophic nutrition
secret extracellular enzymes to the area outside their body to dissolve their food and absorb the nutrients
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how do plants store carbs
sucrose or starch
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how do animals and fungi store carbs
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examples of protoctists
chlorella (plant like) amoeba (animal like)
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characteristics of bacteria
-single celled
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characteristics of bacteria
-no nucleus -circular chromosome of dna -photosynthesise -feed off other organisms
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examples of bacteria
salmonella and pneumococcus
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characteristics of viruses
-particles -parasites (reproduce inside living cells) -protein coat surrounding some DNA
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an organism that causes disease
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catalysts produced by living things
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a substance which increase the speed of a reaction without being changed or used up
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a molecule that is changed in a reaction
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active site
the part where the substrate joins onto the enzyme
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when an enzyme is put in the wrong conditions resulting in the breaking of bonds, loss of shape and function (permenant)
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well watered plant that has drawn water into cells by osmosis and become swollen, high tugor pressure
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lack of water and tugor pressure (droopy)
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how to investigate diffusion (non living)
agar jelly - phenolphthalein & sodium hydroxide into HCl
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how to investigate osmosis (living)
potato cylinders in pure water and concentrated sugar solution
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how to investigate osmosis (non living)
visking tubing, wire around one end, glass rod in it, wire around other end, pour sugar solution into rod
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3 factors effecting movement of substances
SA : V , temp , conc gradient
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what is in an animal cell


nucleus, cell mem, cytoplasm

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what is in a plant cell


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