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1. What is cerebral shock?

  • Cerebral hypoperfusion is when the blood supply to the brain is decreased, it is often associated with cerebral hypoxia
  • Cerebral hyperfusion is not the opposite of cerebral hypoperfusion
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2. Broca's is responsible for X and Wernicke's is responsible for Y

  • X)Expressive, motor y)Receptive, comprehension
  • X)Receptive, comprehension Y)Expressive, motor
  • X)Expressive, comprehension Y)Receptive, motor

3. Aphasia is

  • Inability to communicate. Either broca's or wernicke's are affected. Understanding and use of correct words in writing or speaking.
  • Lack of communication, has some understanding but not all. Broca's is affected onlly
  • Inability to communicate. Wernicke's is affected only

4. What is the correct definition of stroke?

  • A rapidly occurring focal disturbance of cerebral function with presumed vascular origin that lasts more than 24 hours
  • A slow occurring ischaemic attack on the brain leading to focal disturbance of cerebral function in the vascular system
  • A rapidly occurring vascular disturbance of focal origin of presumed vascular origin that lasts more than 24 hours

5. Broca's area is located in the

  • Basal ganglia
  • Pre-motor area of the left frontal lobe.
  • Pre-central gyrus


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