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1. What do Pakulski and Waters discuss?

  • Social inequalities remain and the concept of social class is no longer relevant in contemporary society
  • That social class is what defines us in life and we should make it our main focus in society
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2. What is the post industrial society?

  • Jobs no longer being characterised by dirty, physical,work but the intellectual creativity based on knowledge (Bell)
  • How our society has been modernised within the work place
  • Working in industries that stick to traditional rule and regulations

3. What is feminsation of the work force?

  • affects the amount of women in the workforce
  • affected status differences and household income
  • affects relationships

4. What does culturally homogenous mean?

  • Cannadine - tri level class structure and clear class cultures are historically innaccurate
  • Cannadine - Everyone within a culture is in harmony
  • Cannadine - People experiences cause homogenous culture

5. What is social mobility?

  • Moving house
  • Going from one class to another
  • Moving social groups





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