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A fast connection to the internet which does not use a modem.
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Type of network topology where all computers are coonnected to a common shared cable called the bus.
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Client Server
A network where several computers are connected to one or more servers.
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Computer Misuse Act 1990
The act which makes illegal a number of activities such as deliberately planting viruses, hacking,using ICT equipment for fraud, etc.
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Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
An act, which amongst other things,makes it an offence to copy or steal software.
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A measure of the speed at which data can be transferred along a communication channel, which could be cable or wireless.
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Data Protection Act 1998
Law to protect the individual against the misuse of data.
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Distributed Computing
Where a series of computers are networked together and they each work on solving the same problem. Each computer shares data, processing, storage, and bandwidth in order to solve a single problem.
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Process of putting information/data into a specified format that allows effective transmission or storage by an ICT system.
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Coding data whilst it is being sent over a network so that only the true recipient is able to decode it. Should the data be intercepted by a hacker, then the data will be in code and totally meaningless.
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FTP (file transfer protocol)
A standard Internet protocol providing a simple way of transferring files between computers using the Internet. Used to transmit any type of file by a process which bunches the data into packages.
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Network arrangement with each computer of equal status
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A set of standards that allow the transfer of data between computers on a network.
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A typeof network topology where all the computers are of equal status and are arranged in a circle.
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Search engine
Program which searches for required information on the Internet.
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Type of network topology where the computers where the computers are connected to a single connection point.
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The field of technology concerned with commuting at a distance.
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Performing job-related tasks by using telecommunications to send and recieve data to and from a central office without having to be physically present.
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The waya particular network is arranged.
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URL (Uniform resource locator)
The web address used to locate a web page.
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a network where several computers are connected to one or more servers.
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A region where the internet can be accessed wirelessly
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a trademark for the certification of products that meet certain standards for transmitting data over wireless networks
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A method of connecting to the Internet which makes use of modem and a telephone line. This offers a slow connection.
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Risk Analysis
The process of assessing the likelihood of certain events happening and estimating the cost of the damage they could cause and what could be done at reasonable cost to eliminate or minimise the risk.
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Relational database
Two or more tables linked together by primary and foreign keys
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Data independence
Data and programs used to access it are separate
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Data integrity
The correctness of the data
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Data warehouse
A large database, with archived data used for decision making
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Data mining
Interrogating the data to find patterns in the data which is stored in the warehouse.
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Data consistency
All data will be correct at each stage and is said to be consistent
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Data redundancy
Where you store an item of data more than once.
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Distributed database
A single database that is under the control of a database management system where the storage devices are not all attached to a common processor.
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MIS (Management Information System)
An organised collection of people, procedures, resources designed to support the decision to support the decisions of managers.
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Feasibility Study
A study carried out before a new ICT system is developed to see whether a new system can be developed at an acceptable cost to realise user benefits.
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Type of network topology where all computers are coonnected to a common shared cable called the bus.

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Client Server


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Computer Misuse Act 1990


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Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988


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