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how fast you're going
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speed + direction
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how quickly velocity is changing
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gradient on DT graph is...
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gradient on VT graph is...
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flat on a DT graph is...
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curve on a VT graph is...
changing acceleration
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flat on a VT graph is...
steady speed
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force of attraction between all masses
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the amount of stuff in an object
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caused by the pull of gravity (pulling to centre of earth)
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units for weight
newtons (N)
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opposes movement and slows things down
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3 types of friction
1. gripping solid surfaces 2. sliding solid surfaces 3. resistance from fluids
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how to reduce friction
lubrication, streamline
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terminal velocity
maximum speed a free falling object can reach
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Newtons 1st Law
if there is no resultant force, it will remain at a constant velocity or stationary
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if there is a resultant force, the object will accelerate in this direction
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to every force there is an equal and opposite force
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vectors (examples)
force, velocity, momentum, acceleration
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scalar (examples)
mass, temp, time, length
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stopping distance
the distanced travelled from first spotting the hazard to coming to a complete stop
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thinking distance
distance travelled between noticing hazard and applying brakes
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braking distance
distance travelled between application of brakes and car becoming stationary
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factors affecting thinking distance
speed, drugs, alcohol, age, tiredness
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factors affecting braking distance
speed, mass, brakes, road surface, weather, tyre tread
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crumple zones
crumple on impact increasing time taken to stop
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conservation of momentum
momentum is conserved when no external forces act
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turning effect of a force
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where does the centre of gravity hand
directly below the point of suspension
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principle of moments
total anticlockwise moments = total clockwise moments
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hooke's law says that...
extension of an object is proportional to force
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past the elastic limit
material permanently stretched and will no longer return to its original shape
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large collection of stars
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large collection of billions of galaxies
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what is responsible for keeping planets in orbit
gravity and forward motion
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when experiencing higher levels of gravity you are...
closer to a star or planet
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gradient on DT graph is...


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