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Booking Pace
How far in advance the guest books a room
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Unconstrained Demand
The demand you have regardless of capacity
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Making loyal customers go to the competition
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Skim Pricing
Set a high price and lowering it over time.
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Match Pricing
A guarantee to match prices of competitors
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Penetration Pricing
Setting a low price and then increasing it over time
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Neutral Pricing
People paying for what they get
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Rate Parity
Consistent rates across all distribution channels
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Best Available Rate
The lowest available rate of the market value for the hotel each day
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Distressed Inventory
Rooms unlikely to sell so rate has decreased
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Dynamic Pricing
Pricing set at a rate determined by the customers percieved abiloty to pay
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Fenced Rates
Rates that allow benefits but under conditions or requirements
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A tool that measures hotel utilisation and revenue generated by each room
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Sell Out Efficiency
How many times the hotel sold over 95% of rooms
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Unconstrained Demand


The demand you have regardless of capacity

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Skim Pricing


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Match Pricing


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