Definition and Measurement of Crime & Deviance

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1. How do interactionalists explain deviance in modern society?

  • Modern society's deviance is the same as past socities and is caused by a criminal minority motivated by greed/malice
  • Modern society is too complex for a value/norm consensus and there are competing sets of values and a diversity of beliefs
  • Modern society has a value/norm consensus with one set of values and no diversity of beliefs
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2. How do interactionalists see the effect of influential social groups on definitions of deviance/crime in society?

  • They acknowledge that some social groups have the power to impose their definitions on others and label them as deviant and criminal
  • The Elite Four decide what counts as crime/deviance in each region and impose their definition on the lowly co-ordinators and trainers who threaten their power - Ranger/performers etc are even lower!s
  • They acknowledge that some social groups have limited power to popularise their definitions of others and possibly label them as deviant but not criminal
  • They argue it is not paticular social groups but society as a whole that defines deviancy and labels people as deviant and criminal

3. What does society do about deviance?

  • Agents of social control are used to control, supress or punish deviancy
  • A complex system of watchers...watching...always watching 0-o
  • Agents of socialisation are used to control, supress or punish deviancy
  • Nothing

4. How do interactioanlists explain changes in what is seen as deviant?

  • Beer goggles, eye transplants/implants, swag shades and sharinguns/other ocular jutsu 0-0
  • Social attitudes evolve over time, changing values and thus changing definitions of normality/deviancy
  • Certain social groups are always called deviants and what counts as deviant is simply whatever activities they indulge in
  • Social attitudes remain similar over time, retaining values and thus stabilising definitions of normality/deviancy

5. What does relative deviance mean?

  • Siblings fighting over the last mudchip ;D
  • Deviance has a absolute definition
  • Deviance is socially constructed and has no absolute definition - varies by place, time, society/culture
  • Deviant acts commited with or against blood relatives


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