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A material used to stick things together
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The appearance of the object
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Measurements and proportions of the human body relating to design
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Assembly Design
A drawing to show how parts of an object stick together
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A set number of the same product that are made together
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A material used to hold sheets of paper together in the form of a book
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Something that decays over time in the environment
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Thick paper weighing over 200g/sm
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British Standards Institution - set standards for quality and safety of products and methods. To show that a product meets the standards, a 'Kitemark' is shown on it.
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Built in obsolence
When something is designed so that it goes out of date/useless quickly.
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Designing and manufacturing using a computer
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Carbon footprint
The amount of greenhouse gases released by doing or making something.
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Colour fusion
When tiny dots of different colours really close together blend into a new colour.
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Contrasting colours
Contrasting colours are colours that stand out against eachother
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Legal protection which prevents the copying of work
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Corporate Identity
The image that people have of a company (Personality, style and brand)
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Corrugated card
Wavy lines between two pieces of card.
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Drawing in 3D by starting with a box and adding bits on or taking bits off.
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Taking a product apart to see how it's been made.
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When the environmental impact of a product is taken into account during its design
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Easy and comfortable for people to use
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Ethical Trading Initiative - Group of companies, trade unions and volunteers set up to support better conditions for workers in developing countries.
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A finite resource is one that will run out eventuallu
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Fitness for purpose
How well a product does the job it's designed to do
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Fixings are use to hold different parts of a product together.
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Gap in the market
An area where there are no products available to meet people's needs
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Grams per square meter - unit to describe different weights of a paper or board.
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lighter colouring used in drawings to show a surface facing the light.
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A.K.A colour
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Pictures that represent objects and ideas - often found on signs and packaging.
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Life Cycle Analysis
Looking at the environmental impact of a product at each stage of its life
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Market Pull
When new products are designed as a result of consumer demand.
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A full scale model made of cheap products are used to check the layout of a design
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A practice version of a product you make during the development stage.
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Really tiny particles involved in nanotechnology.
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Smart materials that change colour in response to light levels.
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Process colours
The four colours used by colour printers (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)
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Registered design
Legal protections that prevents someone copying a design's shape and appearance.
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Adding shading/colour to a drawing to make it look more realistic
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A resource that is replaced by natural processes as fast as it is consumed by humans
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Risk assessment
Identifying potential hazards and the precautions needed to minimise risks before work starts.
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Scale drawing
Scale drawings show objects at different sizes to how they actually are but still have the right proportions.
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Sectional drawing
A drawing that shows the internal parts of a drawing
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Smart material
A material that changes its properties in response to changes in the environment.
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A process or material is one that can be used without causing a permanent damage to the environment or using up finite resources
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Target Market
The group of people you want to sell your product to
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Technology push
When new products are designed as a result of new technology being available
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Smart materials that change colour because of changes in temperature.
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Plastics that can be melted and re-shaped over and over again.
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How light or dark a colour is
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A word, symbol, logo or slogan that represents a company.
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Working drawing
A detailed scale drawing that shows all the dimensions of each part of a product, and the materials from which components are to be made.
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The appearance of the object



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Measurements and proportions of the human body relating to design


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A drawing to show how parts of an object stick together


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A set number of the same product that are made together


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