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Consists of points (called vertices or nodes) which are connected by lines (edges or arcs)
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Degree/Valency/Order if a vertex
The number of edges incident to it.
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A graph is traversable if it is possible to traverse (travel along) every arc just once without taking your pen from the paper.
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A graph whose edges have a numerical value (weight).
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Directed Graph (Digraph)
Travelling in one direction along an edge.
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A finite sequence of edges, such that the end vertex of one edge is the start vertex of the next. And in which no vertex appears more than once.
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A path in which you are permitted to return to vertices more than once.
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Cycle or Circuit
A closed "path"
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An edge that starts and finishes at the same vertex.
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Simple graph
A graph where there are no loops and doesn't have more than one edge connecting any pair of vertices.
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Part of the original graph.
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A connected graph with no cycles.
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Spanning tree
A subgraph that contains all of the vertices of the original graph and is also a tree.
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Minimum spanning tree (MST)
A spanning tree such that the total length of its arcs is as small as possible.
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Bipartite graph
Two sets of nodes. Arcs may connect nodes from different sets, but never from the same set.
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Complete matching
If both sets have n nodes, a complete matching is a matching with n arcs.
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Maximal matching
Matching in which the number of arcs is as large as possible.
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Critical activity
Any increase in its duration results in a corresponding increase in the duration of the whole project.
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Critical path
A path from the source node to the sink node which entirely follows critical activities. A critical path is the longest path contained in the network.
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At each node on a critical path...
The early event time is equal to the late event time.
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Degree/Valency/Order if a vertex


The number of edges incident to it.

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Directed Graph (Digraph)


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