Decision Trees

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1. How do you calculate Net gain?

  • Total expected Value X Probability
  • Financial Value X Probability
  • Total Expected Value - Associated costs
  • Financial Outcome - costs
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2. What is a diasdvantage of Decision trees?

  • Only shows an optimistic view
  • No external influences considered e.g. PESTLE
  • Hard to understand and compare
  • Not supported by numerical outcomes

3. Which is an advantage of decision trees?

  • Shows social impact
  • Shows risks and costs
  • Probabilities are deffinate values
  • Not prone to bias

4. How do you calculate Expected Value?

  • Total expected Value X Probability
  • Total expected value - Associated Costs
  • Financial Value X Probability
  • Financial Outcome - costs

5. What is Probability?

  • Event likelihood added up to 1.5
  • Likelihood of an event occuring
  • Net gain + expected value


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