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2. Alchemists dating from 600.A.C to Renaissance England belived for gold to hold properties which were essential...

  • to creating the elixr of eternally youthful life
  • to creating heaven on earth
  • to creating associations with the son
  • to healing the ill

3. What is behind the greed of most characters?

  • Sexual desires
  • The associations of religion and worship
  • The association of precious materials pro-longing life
  • Selfish desires

4. What is behind most of the motivations of charcaters within 'Volpone'?

  • Netflix and Chill
  • Sex
  • Death
  • Food

5. The gifts received by Volpone and Mosca, such as 'an antique plate, bought of St Mark' and 'bright chequins' are made from what?

  • non-tarnishing, rustic materials
  • bacon
  • Long lasting, non-tarnishing materials
  • poor, tarnished materials


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