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what is dark tourism assoicated with
FASCINATION with death, death playing a major part
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what is thanatourism
traveling to a location motivated by the desire for encourters of death
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examples of dark tourism -
concentration camps, pearl harbour, twin towers, battlie sites of first world war
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thanatourism 5 activities:
is based on travelling to see: public enactments, sites of mass or indivudal death,material evidence,memorials,simulation and reactments of death
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thanatourism typology
Natural, Manufactured ( Intentional) , Manufactured (unintentional)
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natural means...
a site or event caused by natural forces
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natural sight example
lockerbie distaster - plane exploded - fell on scottish town - killed 259 people and 11 people on ground - now a tourist attraction
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example of a constuncted site
london dungeons
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two visitor types
specalist , and serendipity
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what is specalist
where family or relatives seek the location of sufferings
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what is serendipity
on the iteneray of a tour company - or may happen to be in the area - merhcandising is imporant
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why might natural sites cause problems to those involved?
if fragile or senstive sites, if they attract undesirable vistior numbers , and are promoted for tourists
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thantourism involves many
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what is the model that identifies stakeholders within thanatourism
the heritage force field
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what are the four stakeholders
host community,visitor groups,subject groups, owners/controllers
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who are the host comminity
people who live near the site
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who are the owners and controllers
people who have instutional intrest/ financial backers
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what is the subject group
those who are part of the story
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visitor groups
those who visit
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the motivational positioning options of a dark site can be
education? history? or aesthetics
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what is thanatourism


traveling to a location motivated by the desire for encourters of death

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examples of dark tourism -


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thanatourism 5 activities:


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thanatourism typology


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