Dans ma ville/mon village

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Dans ma ville/mon village, il y a
In my town/village there is/are
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un bureau de poste/une poste
a post office
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un centre de loisirs
a leisure centre
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un chateau
a castle
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un marche
a market
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un musee
a museum
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un parc/un jardin public
a park
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un stade
a stadium
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un supermarche
a supermarket
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une bibliotheque
a library
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une eglise
a church
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une gare (SNCF)
a (railway) station
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une mosquee
a mosque
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des hotels
some hotels
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des restaurants
some restaurants
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Il n'y a pas de
There isn't/aren't any
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Card 2


a post office


un bureau de poste/une poste

Card 3


a leisure centre


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Card 4


a castle


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Card 5


a market


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