Dank Memes: Business Time

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1. A mining company is has moved into a new location and the local comunity is angry with the pollution, who else would be pressuring the mining company?

  • Jordan Schlansky
  • Pressure Groups
  • Anonymous
  • Mr Whittick
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2. Did you enjoy this Quiz?

  • Yes (This is the right answer)
  • No

3. Which of these would be a stakeholder's (Staff) objective?

  • Staff want the company to do well so they gain more revenue
  • Bad Working conditions, preferably slavery
  • Becoming a leafy clone
  • Making multiple Pirates of the Arabian films

4. Donald Trump owns a business, what position is his stakeholder status for his business?

  • Owner
  • A wall builder
  • President
  • A small loan of a million dollars

5. Which one of these is not a (dank) Stakeholder?

  • Vampire
  • Staff
  • Managers
  • Share Holders


هزل, يتبادل المزاح

noice 10/10 would do again 


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