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2. How far inland did the floodwaters from the storm surges go?

  • 40-50km
  • 20-30km
  • 50-60km
  • 30-40km

3. What made the impacts of the cyclone worse?

  • The government ignored the warnings
  • The people did not listen to the warnings
  • The government were not warned

4. Locate Myanmar

  • Next to India
  • East of India, west of China, Thailand and Laos
  • South of Laos, north of Thailand
  • West of India, north of China

5. When were foreign aid workers allowed to enter Myanmar?

  • 1 month after the cyclone
  • 3 weeks after the cyclone
  • 2 months after the cyclone
  • 2 weeks after the cyclone


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