Culture Bias

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what is culture?
values or beliefs shared by a group of people
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what is culture bias?
judging ppl in terms of cultural assumptions
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what is alpha bias?
theory assumes that cultural groups are profoundly different and always must be considered in research
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what is beta bias?
real cultural differences ignored or minimised
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what is cultural relativism?
insists behaviours can be properly understood if the cultural context is considered
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what is ethnocentrism?
seeing world from only 1 cultural perspective and believing that's correct
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what is universality?
means a theory can be applied to all ppl regardless of gender and culture
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what is cultural bias in psych?
there are loads of diff between cultures, historically only mc white American males have monopolised psych research but these findings have been generalised that culture doesn't make a diff
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what are some examples of ethnocentrism?
-definitions of abnormality, rack claims African Caribbeans in Britain are diagnosed as mentally ill but the behaviour is normal in their subculture
-Ainsworth stage situation, German children high rate of insecure avoidant behaviour, not cuz g-
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-mums are insensitive but encourage independence from a young age
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what is an imposed etic?
whats an etic approach?
.when a technique or theory developed in 1 country is imposed on another
.looks at behaviour from the outside whereas emic considers behaviour from inside
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what are some examples of cultural relativism?
-meanings of intelligence are diff in every culture. Sternberg found coordination skills may be essential to life in a preliterate society ie motor skills for shooting bow and arrow but that may be irrelevant to what is intelligent in literate society
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what is universality?
developing theories showing similatires between males and females without degrading either gender, use loads of rm and women in natural situations. Berry said to achieve U, employ derived etic in emic studies, local settings, local researchers-
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- and local techniques which can build understanding of human behaviour in a ethnographic approach, also learns more about diff cultures
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-real world effects increasing damaging effects, ie us army iq tests used before ww1 was culturally biased towards dominant white men, when test was done by African American, they were at the bottom of the iq scale shows effect if American attitude-
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-severely unrepresentative smith and bond 1988 of European textbooks on social psychology, 66% of studies were in America, 32% European, 2% from rest of the world
+contemp psych more open-minded, increasing-
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-understanding of other cultures ie international psych conferences increase exchange of ideas between psych w ethnocentrism (+ heightened awareness of cultural diversity that explore diff in specific cultural contexts ie Afrocentrism or-
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-indigenous psychologists)- emic approach (-is this approach not as culturally biased as those they claim to replace)
-diagnosing mental disorders w early American DSM that ignores non-american mental disorders-
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-such as da fend (fear of wind) found in China or amafufuhyana (violent behaviour caused by spirit possession) in South Africa
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what is culture bias?


judging ppl in terms of cultural assumptions

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what is alpha bias?


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what is beta bias?


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what is cultural relativism?


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