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2. according to Van Iizendoorn & Kroonenburg's research what country has the most insecure avoidant infants?

  • Japan
  • South America
  • West Germany
  • East Germany

3. What is Meta Analysis?

  • combining and analyzing the results of lots of experiments with the same foccus
  • analyzing the results of one experiment which has more than one focus in order to create a directional hypothesis
  • analysing meteroroids
  • doing the same experiment lots of times in one place

4. What attachment type are babies in individualist countries likely to have

  • dis-organised
  • resistant
  • secure
  • avoidant

5. why do different cultures have different attachments?

  • they have a better education system
  • the people are nicer in one culture than the other
  • they bring up children differently
  • they eat different foods


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