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2. How many of the males had adoptive parents convicted of crime?

  • 14.7%
  • 13.5%
  • 15.7%
  • 16%

3. What is a criticism of the Core theory?

  • criminals have the same features
  • There can't be a criminal gene that accounts for all criminal behaviour
  • brain dysfuntion isn't evident in any criminals
  • criminals can't learn behaviour

4. What traits are in a criminal personality?

  • over optimistic, bipolar, emotional, unstable, timid
  • confident, loud, impulsiveness, scary, unempathetic
  • Impulsiveness, lacking feelings of guilt, self-importance, over optimistic, pleasure seeking
  • selfish, rude, socially awkward, funny, mean

5. How do researchers define crime in simple terms?

  • An act that breaks the law
  • An act that hurts someone
  • An act that is intended
  • An act that harms property


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