Criminal Justice System

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3 lying categories
Self-centred/ other-oriented/ altruistic
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Eye movement and lying
No correlation
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Lie detection depends on: (3)
Type of lie, characteristics of liar, characteristics of lie detector
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Verbal content clues
Distant and depersonalising/ negative emotion words/ emphasizing words/ tentative words/ response latency/ repetition/ answering Q with other Q to delay/ verbal leakage
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Non-verbal approaches
Pitch and hesitations/ non-verbal behaviour/ psychophysiological measures
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Primary psychopaths
Lack of emotion/ guilt- more self reported lying
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Teeny expressions
Ekman's micro expressions
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Lyons, Healy and Brune
Lie detection and psychopathy- significant positive correlation between ability to detect lies with men with primary psychopathy/ women= negative correlation/ more socio intelligence= more detection
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Nettle et al
higher scores of 'Theory of Mind measure'= greater accuracy in detection co-operators in Prisoner's Dilemma game
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Better lie detectors
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Establish baseline (remember when you've been nervous telling the truth)/ ask to profess opinion and then alternative opinion- stonger argument for real opinion/ ask to maintain eye contact= higher cognitive load/ strategic use of evidence
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Polygraph measure/ eye trackers/ speech analysers/ FAST
All flawed
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Eye movement and lying


No correlation

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Lie detection depends on: (3)


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Verbal content clues


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Non-verbal approaches


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