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2. What happened to Vagrants in 1531?

  • They were kept as slaves.
  • They were tied to the end of cart, naked and whipped until body was bloody and then returned to place of birth.
  • The parishes provided raw materials for them to work with.

3. What happened to Vagrants in 1547?

  • They were branded with a V, given as a slave to the person who reported them.
  • Returned to their birth place
  • They were tied to a cart and dragged naked and beaten with whipped until body was bloody

4. In what year were Justices of the Peace given the power to organise donations for the relief of the impotent poor?

  • 1563
  • 1572
  • 1601

5. In 1572, J of P collected a weekly rate from each parish to provide for whom? and to punish whom?

  • provide for: sick, old and disabled. Punish: the Sturdy poor
  • Provide for Sturdy poor and punish Impotent poor
  • War of the Roses victims


Miss E


A really detailed quiz focusing mainly on religion, protest and development of the police. Keep improving your score until the answers sink in!



Every question was about dates. Thought this was a bit disappointing. If you can remember all those dates, I'm impressed, but I don't think its needed for the exam.

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