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6. Durkheim argues that crime acts as a safety valve that it does not affect institutions such as prostitution in the family. This still applies to today. True or False

  • False
  • True

7. Which sociologists talk about Culture and Socialisation?

  • Murray
  • Cornish and Clarke
  • Wilson and Hernstein
  • Jock Young

8. Right Realists offer practical solutions. They suggest two measures. What are one of the measures?

  • Public and Informal Control
  • Police and Formal Control
  • Target Hardening
  • Zero Tolerance

9. Which one of these is NOT a response to the American Dream?

  • Innovation
  • Conflict
  • Conformity
  • Ritualism

10. People have reached the American Dream and have not committed crime. True or false.

  • False - Merton cannot explain those who have conformed to goals, norms and values.
  • True - Merton makes clear that if people reach the American Dream, they won't commit crime at all because they have conformed.

11. Cohen talks about the explanations of non-utilitarian crime whereas Merton fails to provide this. True or False

  • True
  • False

12. Miller's theory on crime is outdated because there are now more gadgets such as GTA in which we get thrill from this. Is this weakness true or false?

  • True
  • False

13. The Reinforcement of Social Solidarity Unites All Classes. True or False

  • False
  • True

14. The Marxist theory of crime can be linked to what theory?

  • Subcultural Theory
  • Functionalist Theory
  • Feminist Theory

15. Marxists - Crime is systematically generated by what...?

  • Capitalism
  • Greed
  • Working Class Males

16. The laws on crime are in the interests of who?.

  • The under working class.
  • The ruling class
  • The skilled working class.

17. The Labelling Theory Is Linked To What Theory?

  • Interactionist
  • Marxist
  • Feminist
  • Functionalist

18. Functionalism - How are norms and values reaffirmed?

  • Education
  • Degrading Ceremonies
  • Socialisation

19. What are one of the functions of crime that Durkheim argued?

  • Reaffirms Social Solidarity
  • Safety Valve
  • Innovates People

20. Right Realists can explain street crime and what other crime?

  • White Collar Crime
  • Honour Killings
  • Petty Crimes
  • Joyriding