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6. Miller's theory on crime is outdated because there are now more gadgets such as GTA in which we get thrill from this. Is this weakness true or false?

  • True
  • False

7. Which theory is seen as criticising other theories?

  • Postmodernism
  • Feminism

8. Which one of these is a weakness of subcultural theory?

  • The studies are representative.
  • The studies are gender biased.
  • The studies cannot explain non-utilitarian crime.

9. What does Cohen argue about in the subcultural theory?

  • Delinquent behaviour among young people.
  • American Dream.
  • Three subcultures.
  • Focal concerns.

10. One of the reasons people commit crime is because of marginalisation. What is this?

  • If people don't have a trade union or a pressure group, they suffer from frustration and they commit crime.
  • When you feel deprived.
  • When you really want to start or join a subculture.

11. Merton argued about the American Dream. What is the American Dream?

  • Monetary Success
  • Achieving to become an American.

12. Right Realists offer practical solutions. They suggest two measures. What are one of the measures?

  • Public and Informal Control
  • Police and Formal Control
  • Target Hardening
  • Zero Tolerance

13. People have reached the American Dream and have not committed crime. True or false.

  • False - Merton cannot explain those who have conformed to goals, norms and values.
  • True - Merton makes clear that if people reach the American Dream, they won't commit crime at all because they have conformed.

14. Which one of these is NOT an evaluation of right realism?

  • Other theories have failed to provide solutions to crime.
  • Similar to the strain theory and subcultural theory.
  • Ignores other causes of crime.
  • Ignores underlying causes of neighbourhood decline.

15. The laws on crime are in the interests of who?.

  • The under working class.
  • The ruling class
  • The skilled working class.

16. Functionalism - How are norms and values reaffirmed?

  • Education
  • Degrading Ceremonies
  • Socialisation

17. Right Realists can explain street crime and what other crime?

  • Petty Crimes
  • Joyriding
  • White Collar Crime
  • Honour Killings

18. Which sociologists talk about Culture and Socialisation?

  • Murray
  • Cornish and Clarke
  • Wilson and Hernstein
  • Jock Young

19. Which one of these is NOT a weakness of Marxism?

  • Marxists have explanations which covers all members of society and a variety of offences.
  • The law is not biased towards the ruling class. They still make the law and commit the crime. The law is for everyone.
  • The theory predicts crime is committed by all working class.

20. The Marxist theory of crime can be linked to what theory?

  • Subcultural Theory
  • Functionalist Theory
  • Feminist Theory