Crime and Deviance - Theories

1. Which one of these is NOT a weakness of Marxism?

  • Marxists have explanations which covers all members of society and a variety of offences.
  • The law is not biased towards the ruling class. They still make the law and commit the crime. The law is for everyone.
  • The theory predicts crime is committed by all working class.
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2. What does Cohen argue about in the subcultural theory?

  • Delinquent behaviour among young people.
  • Three subcultures.
  • Focal concerns.
  • American Dream.

3. Cloward and Ohlin and Cohen talk about crime that is non-utilitarian. In addition, Miller could explain this too. Is this true?

  • Yes
  • No

4. Marxists - Crime is systematically generated by what...?

  • Working Class Males
  • Capitalism
  • Greed

5. What is the retreatism response?

  • Rejecting goals and dropping out.
  • Replacing the goals with new ones.
  • Giving up but still having those goals.
  • Finding ways to achieve the goals.


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