Crime and Deviance - Theories

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1. People have reached the American Dream and have not committed crime. True or false.

  • False - Merton cannot explain those who have conformed to goals, norms and values.
  • True - Merton makes clear that if people reach the American Dream, they won't commit crime at all because they have conformed.
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2. Functionalism - How are norms and values reaffirmed?

  • Education
  • Degrading Ceremonies
  • Socialisation

3. Merton argued about the American Dream. What is the American Dream?

  • Monetary Success
  • Achieving to become an American.

4. Which one of these is NOT a weakness of Marxism?

  • Marxists have explanations which covers all members of society and a variety of offences.
  • The law is not biased towards the ruling class. They still make the law and commit the crime. The law is for everyone.
  • The theory predicts crime is committed by all working class.

5. What are focal concerns?

  • Being masculine.
  • Toughness and desire for excitement.
  • Creating a new subculture.


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