Crime and Deviance - Theories

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1. Durkheim argues that crime acts as a safety valve that it does not affect institutions such as prostitution in the family. This still applies to today. True or False

  • False
  • True
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2. Which theory is seen as criticising other theories?

  • Postmodernism
  • Feminism

3. Which one of these is a weakness of subcultural theory?

  • The studies are gender biased.
  • The studies cannot explain non-utilitarian crime.
  • The studies are representative.

4. Right Realists offer practical solutions. They suggest two measures. What are one of the measures?

  • Target Hardening
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Public and Informal Control
  • Police and Formal Control

5. Which one of these is NOT a response to the American Dream?

  • Ritualism
  • Conflict
  • Innovation
  • Conformity


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