Crime and Deviance - Suicide

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1. Why do some people commit anomic suicide?

  • Because one's desires are not being fulfilled.
  • Because one's facing too much control and integration.
  • Because of one's excess of individualism.
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2. Douglas argues that societies don’t share the same meaning of suicide; if people are highly integrated then suicide is more likely to be what?

  • Covered up
  • Taken to the coroner
  • Shared with the police

3. Altruistic Suicide is when you commit suicide because of?

  • Little integration
  • Full Integration
  • Too much regulation
  • Little regulation

4. Suicide rates are _______ if coroners decide the cause of death.

  • Reliable
  • Unrepresentative
  • Low in validity

5. What is fatalistic suicide?

  • Suicide because of becoming fully integrated.
  • Suicide because of too much regulation of control.
  • Suicide because of lack of regulation and control.


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