Crime and Deviance - Suicide

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1. Which one of these scenarios/stories matches fatalistic suicide?

  • Students committing suicide because of financial problems.
  • Ariel Castrol committed suicide by hanging in prison.
  • Parents of a British schoolgirl who ran away with her teacher attempted to kill suicide.
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2. Douglas came up with five explanations for suicide. One of these is?

  • Revenge
  • Egoistic
  • Altruistic
  • Fatalistic

3. Which Sociologist came up with the four types of suicide eg. Fatalistic?

  • Douglas
  • Cohen
  • Durkheim
  • Atkinson

4. What is fatalistic suicide?

  • Suicide because of too much regulation of control.
  • Suicide because of lack of regulation and control.
  • Suicide because of becoming fully integrated.

5. Douglas criticises who for accepting reliability and validity of official statistics?

  • Atkinson
  • Durkheim
  • Cohen


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