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2. Who did Jock Young study?

  • Hippie Marihuana users in London during the 1990s
  • Hippie Marihuana users in Notting Hill during the 1960s
  • Hippie Marihuana users in Notting Hill during the 1930s

3. One advantage of labelling theory is...

  • It shows that labelling results from the perceptions of the agents of social control
  • According to Becker, social groups create deviance by making rules whose infraction causes deviance, but who are these peoplle who make rules and why do they make them?
  • It fails to explain why certain types of people are selected as likely deviants but not others

4. What did Lemert (1972) make a distinction between?

  • primary and secondary deviance
  • primary and tertiary deviance
  • secondary and tertiary deviance

5. One disadvantage of labelling theory is...

  • Deviance is not simply created by a label, people don't become burglars just because of a label.
  • It has drawn attention to the importance of labelling and shows how the process can develop deviant behaviour
  • It shows certain types of people are singled out for labelling


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