Crime and Deviance- Labelling Theory

Labelling theory quiz for AQA Sociology A Level

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1. What causes the creation of a master status?

  • The labelling of people as gang members
  • The labelling of people as deviant
  • The negative labelling of people
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2. What can public labelling result in?

  • self-fulfilled prophecy
  • self-fulfilling prophecy
  • development of egoism

3. One disadvantage of labelling theory is...

  • It shows certain types of people are singled out for labelling
  • Deviance is not simply created by a label, people don't become burglars just because of a label.
  • It has drawn attention to the importance of labelling and shows how the process can develop deviant behaviour

4. Which behaviour is seen as contravening the rules of society?

  • deviant
  • individualistic
  • juvenile

5. Who did Cicourel (1976) study?

  • police and criminals in California
  • police and juvenile (probation) officers in California
  • police and juvenile (probation) officers in Canada


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