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an illegal act which is punishable by law
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behaviour which does not confirm to societies norms and values
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formal rules
rules that are written down in the form of code and conduct
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informal rules
are rules that are taken for granted, they are guidelines on how we behave in scoeity
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social order
for people to live and work together in a happy society
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conseous approach
this is depends on the co-operation between individuals and groups who work togehter
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conflict approach
that the rich control the poor in society
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social control
the process by which individuals are encouraged or persuaded to conform to the rules
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formal social control
control of peoples behaviour based on written laws and rules
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informal social control
peoples behaviour based on social process such as the approval and disapproval by others
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labelling theory
if you sterotype a group they could learn to become this and deivant
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relative deprevation
being envious of other peoples wealth can make you commit crime
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inadequate socialization
a negative upbringing at home or school could make you commit crime
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the opportunity structure
a rough environment means more opportunity to commit crime
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folk devil
a group that is defined as a threat to societies values
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behaviour which does not confirm to societies norms and values

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formal rules


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informal rules


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social order


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