Crime and Punishment

1. How was poaching carried out?

  • During the night over large estates where they could not be seen by stewards.
  • It wasnt
  • During the night where stewards could see them
  • During the day where they would not be seen
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2. How were "witches" punished?

  • Lynched
  • Hung or burnt if they survived the trial by ordeal
  • Crucified
  • Publicly humiliated

3. How was smuggling carried out?

  • They didnt
  • During the night in a place with a large coastline
  • In the night with a small coastline
  • In the day

4. How did the public view smuggling?

  • They like to make it fun
  • They did not view it as a crime therefore did not report it due to enjoying the luxury goods it provided them with.
  • They loved it because it was fine
  • They hated it.

5. How did the public view poaching?

  • Killed the oranges
  • They hated it
  • They liked the crime and thought the Bloody Code was unfair. So most officials would do pious purgery.
  • Felt it was awesome sauce


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