Crime and Punishment

1. Define the term "POACHING"

  • Illegal hunting on someone else's land
  • Poaching
  • Hunting animals that dont want to be hunted
  • Killing elephants
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2. Who was accused of witchcraft?

  • Young girls
  • Old women with husbands living
  • Old women who were vulnerable widows
  • Men who were widows

3. Name two punishment from the Roman period?

  • Lynched and beaten
  • Publically humiliated and beaten
  • Sewn into a sack and Crucifixion
  • Hiked up a mountain and kicked off a cliff

4. How did poverty affect smuggling?

  • It was easier for the poor people to be able to get more food and drink as they had more money.
  • Over 70% of smugglers were laborers and would earn a weeks' wages from smuggling £1 of tea
  • It decreased
  • It was an increase

5. How did the public view smuggling?

  • They did not view it as a crime therefore did not report it due to enjoying the luxury goods it provided them with.
  • They like to make it fun
  • They hated it.
  • They loved it because it was fine


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