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2. Castells argues that the global criminal economy is now worth over

  • £1 trillion per annum
  • £1 million per annum
  • £5 trillion per annum
  • £5 billion per annum

3. What is global risk consciousness ?

  • globalisation creates new insecurities and produces a new mentality of 'risk consciousness' in which risk is seen as global rather than local
  • having a problem with globalisation
  • globalisation reduces insecurities

4. What is it called when new forms of organisation have international links but crime is still rooted in its local context?

  • 'Glocal' organisation
  • global organisation
  • interconnected organisation

5. Which sociologist(s) argue that international financial organisations such as the IMF impose pro-capitalist economic programmes on poor countries as a condition on the loans they provide ?

  • Rothe and Friedrichs
  • Rothe and Lewis
  • Lewis and Winlow
  • Friedrichs


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