Crime and deviance-functionalists

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1. According to Merton what is the common goal for all of society?

  • Equality of educational achievement
  • A happy and cohesive family
  • Economic and material wealth.
  • Equality for all individuals
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2. Overall, what is Mertons theory?

  • We all follow a set of norms, those who do not agree to these, deviate away from it and creates crime.
  • The formation of subcultures and the poor relationship between us and them is what creates crime.
  • Crime is evidence for a poor fit between socially accepted goals and the socially acceptable means of achieving these goals.
  • It is the ruling class power and exploitation of the working class that creates anger and deviance.

3. According to Merton , what is the common means to achieve this goal?

  • Beating everyone in the job market
  • Hardwork and educational achievement
  • Supporting and helping one another
  • Go to university

4. According to Hirschi, what are the 4 crucial bonds that binds us together?

  • Commitment, law, ethics, international relations.
  • Attachment, commitment, involvement, belief.
  • Attachment, commitment, ethics, law
  • Belief, ethics, commitment, involvement.

5. In Durkheims theory, what does re-affirming the boundaries mean?

  • Some crime can act as a pressure release for workers.
  • When someone breaks the law, the resulting court sentence and publicity re-affirms the existing values.
  • Where an entire community comes together after a horrific crime and creates a sense of belonging, strengthening the community.
  • When someone who is breaking the law is treated with sympathy at the court, the public outcry to this would symbolise changing values.


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