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2. Why do women get away with criminal actions more than men?

  • Women are weaker therefore, judges pity them and let them off.
  • They are more responsible.
  • Judges go easy on them because of chivalry and they are less likely to be suspected of something.
  • When women are on their periods, they are more emotional.

3. What are Self-Report tests?

  • Victim fills in what crimes they have committed.
  • Anonymous surveys to say what crimes have been committed.
  • Anonymous surveys to say what crime has been experienced.
  • A questionnaire asking how a person feels about crime.

4. What is the definition of Deviance?

  • An action that goes against the norms.
  • An action that doesn't fit into society's rules.
  • An action that goes against the norms and values of society.
  • An action that goes against the law.

5. What is an example of cross-cultural deviancy?

  • Cohabitation is deviant in Asian cultures but not in British cultures.
  • A teacher drinking coffee during a lesson is not deviant, however, if a student drinks coffee then it's deviant.
  • Gay marriages were deviant in the past but now they are accepted.
  • Nail varnish is deviant in school but outside, it's okay.


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