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2. Cesare Lombroso believed that ________.

  • criminals were influenced due to environmental factors.
  • criminals were BORN criminals and were criminals by nature.
  • working class people commit more crimes when not socialised.
  • prison were an insufficient form of punishment.

3. What are the Official Statistics?

  • Statistics of all the dark figures of crime.
  • Statistics released by government officials of all the crimes that were reported.
  • Statistics released by all the police officers that are sent out to each person.

4. Why do women get away with criminal actions more than men?

  • Women are weaker therefore, judges pity them and let them off.
  • They are more responsible.
  • Judges go easy on them because of chivalry and they are less likely to be suspected of something.
  • When women are on their periods, they are more emotional.

5. Which is NOT an advantage of prisons?

  • Deters criminals.
  • Learn new tricks.
  • Free education for inmates.
  • Rehabilitation.


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