Crime and Deviance

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1. Which of the following is NOT a reason why Official Statistics are inaccurate?

  • Dark figure of crime not included.
  • Confident victims.
  • Some crimes are too trivial.
  • Private matters not reported.
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2. Which is NOT an advantage of prisons?

  • Free education for inmates.
  • Deters criminals.
  • Learn new tricks.
  • Rehabilitation.

3. What is the definition of Deviance?

  • An action that doesn't fit into society's rules.
  • An action that goes against the norms and values of society.
  • An action that goes against the norms.
  • An action that goes against the law.

4. Victim surveys are anonymous surveys given to fill in and say what crimes have been committed against the person.

  • True.
  • False.

5. What is Corporate Crime?

  • When companies save money by not paying their employees the correct wage. Also, companies don't give important to health and safety which causes more work related accidents.
  • When staff steal small things from the workplace and blame it on customers or shoplifters.
  • Working class people commit more crimes such as Robbery due to status frustration and not being able to have materials that the 'rich' have.
  • Middle class people commit crimes in the workplace, such as stealing a glue stick if they work at a school.


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