creation on the universe quotes. christian

To learn quotes needed for the exam!!!

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1. which is quote is about miracles?

  • "don't be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed."
  • "for i have plans for you"
  • "a light for my path"
  • "faith"
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2. which one is correct?

  • "with power God created our sacred place"
  • "God created the heavens and the earth"
  • "the word created the heavens and the earth"
  • "he created the heavens and the earth"

3. "that God is light, and ...

  • he will guide us"
  • is all loving"
  • in him no darkness at all"
  • no darkness resides in him"

4. which quote shows Gods nature?

  • "faith in itself"
  • "god so loved the world he gave gave his only son"
  • "love thy neighbour"
  • "imago dei"

5. "the word became ...

  • known"
  • God"
  • flesh"
  • human"


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