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1. The study can be generalised to other adolescents because...

  • the sample included people of different ages and backgrounds
  • there was a large sample and the participants came from mixed education and socio-economic status.
  • there were positive correlations
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2. TAT stands for

  • Thematic aperception test
  • The average test
  • Test about themes

3. Cramer wanted to...

  • prove that TAT tests were open to interpretation.
  • look for relationships between adolescent identity states and the use of projection and denial.
  • find out whether only adolescents used defence mechanisms.

4. What did Cramer use to measure results?

  • Chi - squared test
  • Correlation
  • Mann Whitney U

5. ....was rated according to how often participants saw hostility in the pictures.

  • Projection
  • Denial
  • Repression


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