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2. Which of the following is not a model of judicial decision making

  • political
  • legal
  • attitudinal
  • strategic

3. What does Drewry say has happening in terms of power between the legislature and judiciary in Britain?

  • 'the legislator has diminished the role of the judge by occupying vast fields and then has failed to keep them ploughed'
  • 'the judges have lost their land to the politicians rightfully'

4. Who says that if judges are seen as lawmakers, 'the census that upholds judicial legitimacy is far less solid'?

  • Mary Volcansek
  • Philip Norton

5. Who argues that if opposition parties can turn legislation into a question of rights, then the success of the porposed legislation is hindered and perhaps even blocked by constitutional courts?

  • Alec Stone Sweet
  • Alec Sweet Stone


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