Courts and Constitutions

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1. What does the legitimacy of the FCC rest on?

  • its moral authority and the willingness of the political arm of government to follow its mandates
  • the power of its judges
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2. Who says that if judges are seen as lawmakers, 'the census that upholds judicial legitimacy is far less solid'?

  • Mary Volcansek
  • Philip Norton

3. Which of the following is not an explanation for the rebirth of interest in the legal dimension of politics?

  • legal character of EU and judicial activism in the US
  • emphasis on human rights
  • expanding body of international law
  • more people are interested in law
  • explosion in constitution making

4. Who calls the FCC 'the guardian of German democracy'?

  • Kommers
  • Strom

5. What are german politicians said to undertake when making legislation?

  • Karlsruhe-astrology
  • proper procedure


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