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1. What did Dobash and Dobash find in relation to domestic violence

  • Women are unwilling to report domestic violence
  • It could be set of by a women challenging a mans authority
  • Women are much more likelt to be a sufferer of domestic violence
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2. What is the material or economic explanation of inequality

  • Men spend more time earning money for the family, so women have to do more housework.
  • The devision of labour is determined by patriarchal norms and values.

3. who makes the important decisions in the household. E.G. where to go on holiday

  • Husband and Wife together
  • Mainly the Husband
  • Mainly the Wife

4. What is an Instrumental Role

  • The husbands role, geared towards achieveing success at work so he can provide for his famile.
  • This is the wifes role, geared towards socialisation of the children and meetin the emotional needs of the family.

5. What is the Triple Shift

  • Women doing paid work, domestic work and emotion work
  • women doing 3 paid jobs


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