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1. What did Dobash and Dobash find in relation to domestic violence

  • Women are unwilling to report domestic violence
  • It could be set of by a women challenging a mans authority
  • Women are much more likelt to be a sufferer of domestic violence
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2. What is an Instrumental Role

  • The husbands role, geared towards achieveing success at work so he can provide for his famile.
  • This is the wifes role, geared towards socialisation of the children and meetin the emotional needs of the family.

3. who makes the important decisions in the household. E.G. where to go on holiday

  • Mainly the Wife
  • Husband and Wife together
  • Mainly the Husband

4. What type of money managment is now on the rise and is becoming more common

  • Pooling
  • The Allowance System

5. What is the Triple Shift

  • Women doing paid work, domestic work and emotion work
  • women doing 3 paid jobs


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